Movie: The Second Coming Of Christ #SCC2017

The Second Coming of Christ 2017

The Second Coming of Christ 2017

One movie to look out for this year is The Second Coming Of Christ. Produced by Flawless Production , The FIlm Brewrery and 7 Heaven Productions. It’s obviously about Christ’s Second Coming portrayed from the view of the journey of a woman scientist who, at the end of times, discovers that true Faith can bring Miracles.

Beliefnet wrote “Diana Angelson stars as Dr. Beatrix Cera, a famous entomologist hired by New World Genetics Corporation, the leader in genetically engineered foods, to research the causes and effects of dying crops. Her findings indicate that after years of experimenting with food, nature has taken its toll and deadly mutations occurred within crops. The pollinators, mainly the honeybees, have spread these mutations to the entire plant kingdom, which means a slow, but total extinction.”

“The Second Coming of Christ” features an interesting plot about the apocalypse and a unique take on how the end times might unfold. A Blight hits all the plants on the Earth, resulting in the death of them all, and this results in a domino effect. Animals die, and insects and people are left starving, due to the lack of vegetables and meat.

“Survival is one of the plot devices, as is the need for trust in God. The devil shows up in human form, and people sell their souls to him for provisions. A preacher named John shares the good news of God’s love as well as what meager amounts of food he has. He offers them hope. A woman, who is a scientist, briefly has a relationship with the “human” devil but then cries out to God in the end.” – Dove reviw.

The movie was nominated for AOF/WAB Award: Action on Film International Film Festival, USA 2016 and won the United International Film Festival 2016.

Release date is this year, day and month not known yet. Follow our Social Handles to get notified when it reaches the cinema. See Trailer below:

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