5 Things You Can Relate With If You Grew Up In A Christian Home

Some of us grew up in homes with highly religious parents some of whom were even deacons and pastors. You fall into this category, say no more! I’ve been able to recycle some of the moments you had as a child.

If you didn’t have very religious people as parents, don’t feel bad. You could also go through and have a feeling of what most of your pastors’ children went through while growing.  


Morning Devotion

Just when your sleep is beginning to get so sweet and your parents come to wake you up for devotion.


Meetings after church

I mean, this is so frustrating when service ends by 12 and mummy would wait for good women meeting while daddy has board meeting to attend


House fellowships
Like, can’t someone rest in peace on Sunday’s again.

Your parents frustrating your life over joining a unit in church.
Like.. If everyone is a worker, who would be the member

When night devotion turns to deliverance service

Is there any memory from childhood in a Christian family that you want to share, tell us in the comment box at the end of this post. And don’t forget to share

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