A few things you can try out this Christmas

Good morning
Merry Christmas to you
May the joy and virtues of this season be yours today and forever.

So, straight to why we are here.
Are you stuck?
Or out of ideas on the things you could do today for the yuletide season? Say no more! I’ve got this.
This post is for you.
I have outlined here a couple of things that you could try out today that you would be thankful for after today.

Go to church

First things first. Jesus is the reason for the season. So, why not accord that honour to Him. Go to church, listen to the word, dance and worship, Pour out all your love on Jesus and if you’ve had a broken relationship with him, it would just be awesome to fix it today you know.

Go for an outreach

There’s no better time than Christmas to show love to people. The chicken and rice would always remain but it would be nicer to go out and share love with people who really need it. Orphanages, geriatric homes, prisons and so on are great ideas of places where you can go for outreaches this Christmas. It’s all about sharing the love.

Visit people

Someone once made a joke that if everyone cooked on Christmas day, who would eat the excess?
But on a more serious note, we’ve all been serious throughout the year busy pursuing career, education, relationships and all. Wouldn’t it be a great time to visit people, share love, do a bit of bonding and in all honesty just have a great time.
And don’t forget to go with a gift [However small it is] for the person.


Remember that your group of friends who have tried endlessly at organising a group hangout. Today is somewhat a perfect day to pull that stunt. Money shouldn’t be an issue. You could pull up a low budget hangout that you’d be grateful you organised this Christmas. One tip though, don’t go to Ikeja city mall. You wouldn’t like the outcome. Those who have been at ICM during a public holiday can tell the tales of their experience.



I cannot over emphasize this. This is probably one the things I’d be doing today. There’s really do much pressure for work, social media, responsibilities, career, education and all. There’s no better time than today to just sit in the comfort of your house, recieve some fresh air in what ever way you can, listen to some good music and just wind down for the year. Our bodies are not just meant for work. Sometimes, just rest.


So, that’s my suggestion to you!

What are you going to be up to today in celebration of Christmas. Let’s know in the comments section below.

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