5 Songs That Rocked The Nigerian Gospel Music Scene in 2016

So, in the mood of review for the end of the year, we’d be going through some of the songs that rocked the gospel music scene in Nigeria. Agree with me or not, these songs definitely made their way into the playlist of every Christian event in 2016. Some were released in 2016 and others were not but they are definitely the church hits of the year.

One thing is common among the songs; they all speak of the mighty wonders that can be done through the power of God. It would be more than safe to conclude that we really love God and the works of His hand in Nigeria.

You can also make these songs into a playlist and groove them during this yuletide period.

Onise Iyanu by Nathaniel Bassey.

Nathaniel Bassey definitely has his excellent way of making songs that rock the worship playlist of every church. Practically, every one of his songs have been a hit back to back. Onise Iyanu is a Yoruba phrase which means The One who does wonders.

Intentional by Travis Greene

Don’t we all just love Travis and his style of music? This song was given a couple of awards during this year and is still on nominations for some other categories. Travis himself testified at the press conference of The Experience 2016 that he receives so much love on his music from his Nigerian family. This song is a track from his album The Hill

Made a way by Travis Greene

Although this song was also released in 2015 from his album, it became a favorite song on the lips of most Nigerians which obviously was one of the reasons he was invited to minister at two worship events in Nigeria earlier this year. The song which still has great tendencies of making great waves in the coming year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Way maker by Sinach.

Since her intro into the music industry, Sinach has always been at the forefront of the worship scene in Nigeria. Way Maker, like many other songs in this category highlights the attributes of God that bother on giving us help in time of need.

You are Great.

“Demons tremble at your presence…..”
That line from Steve Crown’s “You are great” can literally revive any unresponsive congregation in any Nigerian service. 2017 should probably reveal some more songs from Steve Crown.

I hope I shared your thoughts on the 5 songs that rocked the gospel scene in 2016?
Got any other song that you feel should make this list? Let’s know in the comments section below.

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