Why You Should Read the “Unchurched”

Can God be involved in business, sex, career and romantic relationships? Can ipads cast out demons? These were the questions I opened to at the welcoming chapters of the book, Unchurched, by Emeka Nobis.

Here’s a highly enlightening book of just fifty-four pages and it is embedded with a plethora of truth and knowledge! Unchurched gives you a new, true and unusual light to Christianity, makes you want to study your Bible more and know God for yourself. This is a book for young believers who want to create a change or rather, an impact on their generation. In his book, Emeka takes subjects like sex, the church and answers some religious questions many Christians have struggled to answer for generations.

By reading Unchurched, you can be sure to gain the insight of bringing and applying the words of the ancient Bible to this present age. I am recommending this book as one you should add to your list of books to finish this year. Christianity is more than waiting for the pastor to say “Benediction” every Sunday. It is a call to go deeper into God’s Word. God wants a relationship with you.

If you’re unchurched, in its original sense, or you have a hidden reservation about Church or anything that has do with christianity, pick up this book here. It’s free. And even if you know every letter in the Scriptures, taking a look at it won’t bite. 😉


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