Comparison is Unhealthy


What is comparison? We do it so much that it is now a part of us. In studies – who gets an A who got the F, in lifestyle who drives the latest car, who wears designer clothes, who lives in the biggest house on the posh Estate. And day in day out we compare ourselves with our friends, our neighbours even our enemies. Just how then do we plan to be content and happy with our lives when we are turning and tossing on our beds wondering what new gadget our neighbour bought and if yours is better than theirs.

Most people see life as a competition, it is if you truthfully look at it, we are born to compete with each other over everything and indirectly we end up comparing our achievements with other people’s. And this is no way to be content – why sooner or later you would be the next patient a doctor will attend to for high blood pressure .

There was a study made where people played a game where they could win or lose money by picking three different doors. The twist was they also saw the results of another player. This study found that even people who won money exhibited feelings of loss if someone else won more. Likewise, people who lost money felt like they won if someone else lost more money than they did. This goes to show that people don’t really care about winning or losing rather they are more bothered about comparing their progress with other people.

Another study found people’s brains respond with activity resembling physical pain when contemplating the success of someone with higher social standing. We actually physically hurt when we see someone else more successful than ourselves. Imagine! Just because we naturally compare ourselves with others doesn’t make it healthy infact it’s bad.

There are two ways to look at success,one is to see it as a competition and two to see it as a growth. We can continue to compete be the best at everything showing off, gloating and beating the next best person or we can appreciate what we have, celebrate with others when they grow and when they lose, you are there to lift them up and encourage them. That way you build better relationships that last.

Stop comparing your Murano 2014 to your neighbours Benz 2015 or your Samsung Galaxy Tab to their LG Note. True contentment can’t be found in comparing rather it can be found in sharing, giving, encouraging one another. Really no one want someone who gloats at one’s failure as a friend.


Funke Adegbokiki

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