Modesty In Dressing

1Corinthians 6:15 ‘For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s’.
Welcome back to Ladies special! Previously, we talked about the purpose of clothes in which we saw that one of the importance is to cover our nakedness. Today we will look at certain ways we dress that can either cover our nakedness or uncover it. Some of these ways includes:

  • Wearing revealing/ transparent clothes.

One of the mistakes we as virtuous ladies make most of the time is to wear transparent clothes without wearing an underwear that will help conceal vital parts. We as ladies must come to see ourselves as Valuable Intelligent Precious (VIP) individuals, as confirmed by God in His word in 1 peter 2:9.

Our body is precious! Speaking of precious, now we do not find precious stones lying everywhere carelessly, do we? I mean that is why they are called “PRECIOUS STONES” because you can’t find them lying around. I mean take Gold for example, they are found lying deep down under rocks. God kept them there on purpose. Because he knew they are precious enough not to be seen everywhere. Now God kept our private organs hidden for specific purposes. These parts of our bodies are not meant to be seen by every one!

So pleasssssse, before you step out of that house next time make sure you wear a singlet under that transparent shirt, top or an underskirt under that transparent skirt. Revealing your body isn’t been expensive at all, infact it makes you very very CHEAP!
God sees us as very precious! I mean we are the apple of God’s eyes! Please let’s dress to represent God! Stay updated as we look at one more way we can dress to uncover or cover our body in other to glorify God. Shalom!


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