OP-ED: Reorientating Nigerians


As long as a Government exists, the People are bound to be unsatisfied. It’s only in Economics you hear stories of how a perfect economy is possible, of how a particular system of Government is the best system ever, or of how the government can fully employ and take care of its citizens to their satisfaction. The government that will cause real change in a dying nation like ours can’t be a people-pleaser. The process of change most time comes with discomfort and that’s what we are experiencing currently. We will laugh at last. Kudos to the current administration

Change is a process, a time-taking process that doesn’t come on a platter of gold. It’s a process that mostly comes with pain, disagreement – it is an inconvenient process. The people are ready for change but they are not ready for the pain that comes with it. If we just dream and wish for a government that will come wipe away all our “sorrows” overnight without causing any form of discomfort first then I say “wake up.” Government is also a process, just like Change – it gets better by the day. It’s a journey.

Come to think of it, who is the real problem? The government that got voted in by the people or the people that voted the government in? I’ll say they are both are! They are both sick! We all know the “health conditions” of the government but that of the people hasn’t been diagnosed yet. If you are following the on-going National Conference, you’ll have noticed the clear “chaos” that has been happening there. From the argument of “Where do I sit?” to “Which “God” should we pray to?” Governance is not that easy I guess.

Now this is meant to be a national dialogue by the people, the self-chosen people to discuss their future but they have barely organised themselves. Before we blame the government again as usual for the misfortune of the dialoguers, note that the National Conference depicts clearly what happens in a typical Nigerian community. The government shouldn’t be the one to do the thinking again, should they? A nice platform to speak up has been set-up but it’s has not been productive so far. If the government is sick, trace it back to the people, they are probably sick too.

Our criticism and curses – especially the curses won’t do us anything good. Speaking ill of political leaders and the government at large isn’t the way forward also. The issue is that you’ll continue to feel this way until the change process is concluded (which is definitely NOT very soon). Nigeria is not where it should be and it is not where it used to be either. GEJ is building on what he met – and if he didn’t meet anything, he is starting from the scratch. The next administration, whether APC or PDP, will have to continue from where GEJ stopped or choose to start afresh. Either way, Nigeria cannot get better overnight. And why do I have this godly feeling the next administration will have lots of haters than the current one?


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