Daystar Nigeria Just Got Closer to her Audience

Daystar Christain Centre now has it mobile applications online. The Senior pastor, Sam Adeyemi announced the launch of its mobile apps on Sunday, November 1st. In his words, Tv screens will soon become irrelevant, this generation now watch everything on their mobile phones. He also announced the Sam Adeyemi Ministry mobile application The Daystar Mobile […]

Naija, You Are Powerful.

Sincerely, I so much love this Naijamind-set and would not wish to trade it for anything else. It constitutes, probably, the most defining trait of our national identity just like that! Laughter, it has also been said, is the best medicine, and God knows we do need some good medicine to face up to the challenges of everyday life in this present world! However, you should not engage in mindless laughter at such a time like this which clearly calls for serious reflection and decisive action because #YouArePowerful.