Nigerian Churches

5 Tips To Help Choose A Bible Believing Church

So many times the basis of our decisions in choosing a place of worship is many times laced with sentiments, hidden agenda and ulterior motives. Some of the reasons for church selection for some people ranges from proximity to their home, to desire to belong to a particular social class, to even a influence from […]

Porn Site Nigeria

Five Platforms That’ll Help You Break Free From Pornography

Lust is a plague in this generation, the one before and even generations to come. Most of the time, pornography is done in secrecy and shame, unfortunately, most people do not know that these are some of the strongholds that make it to thrive. A lot of people, even after marriage struggle with pornography, masturbation […]

Nigeria Youths Christians

How To Stay Sexually Pure In 2017

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus Phil 2:5 Staying sexually pure is just one of the areas in which we are to Obey God. Sexual purity means keeping your sexual sanctity. To stay sexually pure means to be sexually flawless, clean, unsullied, spotless, undefiled, untainted, or immaculate. There is […]

Nathaniel Bassey Money

These Thread of Tweets by Nathaniel Bassey Will Help Your Finance in 2017

Nathaniel Bassey did some tweets concerning money and investment on New Year’s Eve. Although, he was addressing his fellow Musicians/Music Minister, the principles are still the same and applicable to everyone. You can learn from it too. Musicians tend to spend their money the way it comes. Get your self something I call DUMP account. […]

5 Things You Can Relate With If You Grew Up In A Christian Home

Some of us grew up in homes with highly religious parents some of whom were even deacons and pastors. You fall into this category, say no more! I’ve been able to recycle some of the moments you had as a child. If you didn’t have very religious people as parents, don’t feel bad. You could […]

No nudes

You Should See @SolaAdio’s Thread on #NoNudes, They Are Very Insightful

Sola Adio, Convener of Breaking SoulTies did a series of Tweets on Twitter about Nudity using the hash tag #NoNudes. They were very insightful and we think you should read through, you might know someone who needs it, if you don’t. Check some of the tweets below: Ladies who give out their nudes to try […]