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How To Stay Sexually Pure In 2017

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus Phil 2:5 Staying sexually pure is just one of the areas in which we are to Obey God. Sexual purity means keeping your sexual sanctity. To stay sexually pure means to be sexually flawless, clean, unsullied, spotless, undefiled, untainted, or immaculate. There is […]

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20 @FuntoIbuoye’s Instagram Posts That Inspired us in 2016

Funto Ibuoye is an inspiration. What does she do that doesn’t inspire us… You can spend the whole day on her Timeline getting fired up. Check out 20 of her Posts that we put together just for you, if you have seen them before, you should see them again. They are awesome like that. Besides, […]

Why You Should Read the “Unchurched”

Can God be involved in business, sex, career and romantic relationships? Can ipads cast out demons? These were the questions I opened to at the welcoming chapters of the book, Unchurched, by Emeka Nobis. Here’s a highly enlightening book of just fifty-four pages and it is embedded with a plethora of truth and knowledge! Unchurched […]