Will we all lead?

Recently, I was faced with the challenge of answering a question on leadership which naturally happens to be a topic I flow in very well. Some people believe that some people are created to lead while others are meant to follow. So, those who feel they aren’t meant to lead automatically relegate themselves to the […]

Sam and Nike Adeyemi

[BOOK REVIEW] – Success is Who you are | Sam Adeyemi @sam_adeyemi

  Sam Adeyemi practically needs no introduction. He is an insightful teacher, The president of Success Power Media and the Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre (a church with the vision of raising role models of excellence). With a mandate from God to teach people Bible based principles of success, he has authored several books […]

How often should I forgive

How Often Should We Forgive?

One time I sat down in my room thinking, ‘what kind of roommates do I have?’. I mean, was there anything these guys didn’t do that I had obviously expressed total disregard for?! I’m this very meticulous person so I always like to find my toothbrush right where I leave it, or any other of […]