How To Deal With New Knowledge In Your Walk With God

There’s a new wave of knowledge that is being revealed to the church of God all over the world and especially, in Nigeria. We are now learning things from the Bible, that are very different from what we were taught in children church and our family churches or even during morning devotion in our families.
Our most popular beliefs, things that we have held onto for a really long time, are being questioned; so many tables are being shaken in Christianity today because not only do these seemingly new teachings have scriptural proof, such that what we have learnt previously now seems like a lie or better still, interpreted far from the truth. Now the question is how can one deal with this new knowledge?

Letting go of an old belief is a big deal and while change most times should be a good thing, it usually takes a lot for it to be accepted. How, then, do we make sure that we are receptive to, yet wise with these new revelations that are being seen in the church? How do we make sure that we’re not been tossed around by different waves of doctrine?
The first thing you should realise is that the best way to grow in whatever aspect of life, especially mentally, is with open-mindedness. If you’re not willing to learn, unlearn and relearn many things, or even consider them, it only means you’re not willing to grow. Many things that we hear these days seem foreign to us because they’re very different from what we grew up believing, different from what we grew up learning in our Sunday School classes, but the fact that a belief system has been in existence for a very long time does not necessarily mean that it is true or it is correct.
One very important thing to note with respect to the Christian walk is to make sure that the decision to believe or disbelieve something should not be based on sentiments. We should choose to see the Bible as the authority over every form of argument or question that may come up with respect to the faith. Scripture can only be proven with scripture. The Bible is the only one that can give answers and a thorough and adequate interpretation of what the bible says concerning issues must be accepted whether it appeals to our emotions or not.

Next, you should know that it’s okay to have some doubts when you hear something new that is totally different from what you have believed or held on to for really long time. The wrong thing, however, would be to hold on to this belief simply because of how long it has existed, rather than opening your eyes to the truth.
So, go back and think about what you have heard. In fact, God wants you to think. He is not against logic. Search the scriptures for yourself, open the bible and make sure that it is interpreted correctly because while there a lot of false doctrines and beliefs from the bible being corrected, there are also some new ones that are being projected so one way to stay safe is to study for oneself. Study intelligently and diligently, with prayer to the Holy Spirit to grant revelation.

Then, whatever new thing that you believe you have learnt, share with your brethren in Christ who you know are also open-minded and open to corrections. Don’t go to someone who is a staunch believer of old traditions and is not open to learning new things. Share what you have learnt together, study the bible together, pray together and seek to verify what you have learnt.

And even when you see this new knowledge as the actual truth, it might be hard to accept and that’s okay. Just make sure you go back to the word and keep convincing yourself that what you have learned is the truth whether your head wants to accept it or not.

Now, you can walk in the knowledge of the truth that you have learned.

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