Top Tweets From #ThePlatform (#GetInvolved) That Got Us Thinking

May 1 and October 1 of every year for the past few years are dates that many Nigerians, both young and old, look forward to, and not really because of what is being celebrated on each day worldwide or nationwide, but because of The Platform.

The Platform is an event put together by Covenant Christian Centre, under the leadership of Pastor Poju Oyemade, the Senior Pastor of the church. At The Platform, speakers from various spheres of life in Nigeria are invited to enlighten attendees on a chosen topic that cuts across all Nigerians and to proffer solutions to problems as regards the topic.

Yesterday, the 11th edition took place at The Covenant Place, beside the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos and the speakers for the day were Prof. Kingsley Moghalu, Pastor Francis Adebayo, Mr. Fela Durotoye, Mr. Leke Alder, Dr. Donatus Okonkwo, Mrs. Sola Salako Alujo, Dr. Charles Omole and His Excellency, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, the Vice President of Nigeria, who delivered the keynote address.

Every speaker came forth with strong points about the importance of citizens being involved in governance.

Here are 25 tweets that got us really thinking as curated from The Platform’s official Twitter page, @theplatformng.

1. Getting involved is much more than merely collecting PVCs; the power to change this nation lies with an enlightened citizenry.

– Pastor Poju Oyemade

2. We have learnt to lower our expectations, believing that we don’t deserve nice things because we have failed too many times.

Prof Kingsley Moghalu

3. Our nation will get better if you and I are involved. Rigging is real because you and I are not involved.

Pastor Francis Adebayo

4. Our Voter’s card is powerful but not as powerful as we think. if we are presented with two incompetent candidates, our Voter’s card will only go as far as electing one of them.

– Pastor Francis Adebayo

5. Even though the party you voted lost, you should stand as an opposition to make the ruling party accountable.

– Pastor Francis Adebayo

6. If politics is dirty, let us be the detergent. Let’s clean it up.

– Pastor Francis Adebayo

7. We have drifted into an apathy by not confronting our leaders because of learned helplessness from military rule.

There’s too much strain in our democracy.

– Sola Salako Ajulo

8. Nigeria is the drama center of the world and all these dramas are distractions.

The real coy is the power that translates into money.

Governance is not a joke, it is serious business.

– Sola Salako Ajulo

9. The media is one of our major problems in Nigeria.

The media is a major enabler of these distractions as they should be asking the real questions.

The media amplifies the distractions that throw us into a frenzy.

– Sola Salako Ajulo

10. We the followers are the problem, it is not just the leadership. Maybe if we change the way we believe, maybe we will see a difference.

Make a promise to not get involved in any drama and distraction unless it affects policy making.

– Sola Salako Alujo

11. The people have been the only constant thing in the past 16 administrations.

Leaders have changed but the people have remained constant.

Sola Salako Ajulo

12. Once you’re organized and government realizes you cannot be moved, you can get them to do what you want.

Citizen engagement is a contact sport. It’s not done on Facebook or Twitter.

– Sola Salako Ajulo

13. What we practice in Nigeria currently is not democracy. It is gerontocracy – a society governed by old people.

– Dr. Charles Omole

14. It’s important to focus on who the President and Vice President are, but we should also focus on building our institutions.

-Dr. Charles Omole

15. The frustration of getting your PVC is better than the frustration of bad leadership.

– Dr. Charles Omole

16. The future of #Nigeria is not ahead of us but inside of us. That’s why I don’t say “go into the future”, I say “deliver the future”.

The future of Nigeria is inside you.

– Fela Durotoye

17. We may not be responsible for the #nation we inherited from our parents, but we will be responsible for the nation that we hand over to our children.

– Fela Durotoye

18. You cannot have a new #Nigeria without a new Nigerian.

Be an example of the new Nigeria we want.

– Fela Durotoye

19. Religious illogicalities:

Why do Nigerians seek for divine intervention to problems that could be solved by common sense.

The essence of federalism is to leverage nativism for the success of our people.

– Leke Alder

20. In the north, we could use solar energy to generate power because of the abundance of sunlight. If the North goes on solar energy, they can go off the national grid and free up energy for other parts of the country.

– Leke Alder

21. Why are we voting by prehistoric method when we can vote with our phones?

If we transfer money online, shop online, pay bills online, why can’t we vote online?

If we want democratic representation, then online voting is a must, since the youths are mostly online.

– Leke Alder

22. We can contribute in profoundly transformative ways in changing our society by doing our own bit with excellence.

– Prof. Yemi Osinbajo

23. Grand corruption is the ultimate threat to the country

– Prof Yemi Osinbajo

24. We have learnt that nothing can be done and leadership is taking advantage of our learned helplessness.

Our leaders are the way they are because we have allowed them remain the way they are.

– Sola Salako Alujo

25. Enough of Social Media Analysis, let’s get involved.

– Pastor Francis Adebayo

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