Top Tweets From Livingspring 2018 – His Name Is Yahweh

The experience at Livingspring 2018, with the theme, ‘His Name Is Yahweh‘, will be on the lips of many for a long time. The event took place at Oduduwa Hall, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife from 26th to 29th April.

Pastor Tolulope Moody at Livingspring 2018

Some of the guest ministers at the event were Yetunde Are, Adunbiara, Woli Arole, Saco, Tolucci, GaiseBaba, Pastor Tolulope Moody, Ayan Jesu, Pastor Tope Awofisayo and several others.

Pastor Tope Awofisayo at Livingspring 2018

To get a feel of how it went with pictures, click HERE.

Every session left a massive impact in the minds of attendees and we have compiled some deep words that were shared there and put up on Twitter for you here:

1. Jesus is God’s answer to any problem or challenge!

Pastor Tolulope Moody

2. I pray you won’t run a rat race because the problem with a rat race is whether you win or not, you are still a rat.

-Pastor Tolulope Moody

3. God is also interested in your talent.

– Woli Arole

4. Our only sense of freedom is our bondage to Jesus, and I don’t want to be freed from Him.

– Pastor Tolulope Moody

5. The price honest men pay by keeping quiet is to be ruled by dishonest people.

– Prof. Adebayo

6. You are not supposed to chase signs and wonders; they are supposed to chase you.

– Pastor Tope Awofisayo

7. When things were going rough for me, I held on to Yahweh.

– Woli Arole

8. There is nothing you have done that God cannot forgive.

– Pastor Tope Awofisayo

9. We must not bequest the name #Yahweh to smaller God’s who really are not gods…

10. I am a child of God and I am not scared of anything.

Pastor Tope Awofisayo

To see more highlights from the event, click HERE.

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