Coco Review: 7 Things You Will Enjoy From The Movie

After ‘Coco’, the latest movie from Pixar became a worldwide success in the box office and went further to win “Best Animated Film” award at the just concluded Oscars, I knew it was high time I gave it my honest review.

The hero of the movie is a twelve year old Miguel Rivera who loves music and plays the guitar like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz the greatest musician and songwriter of their time. But there was a problem. Miguel’s family consist of a simple household who were humble shoemakers and has banned music in the house for generations (Even a rhythmic foot tap causes a wicked glare from Miguel’s grandmother, the second oldest family member). The title of the movie is actually the name of the oldest family member: the beautifully aged silent great grandmother, Coco.

Miguel in his bid to follow his passion for music and his dreams of becoming a successful superstar gets transported to the Land of the dead. This is where the story gets richer and more complex.

After watching the movie more than twice, falling love with the storyline and reading countless opinions on what everybody thought of the movie; these are the seven reasons the movie Coco was enjoyable:


This is the first reason I fell in love with the movie. I thought Miguel was the classic passionate dreamer who only chose to be happy because of his love of music. But I was wrong. Everyone was wrong. And this was what made Coco enjoyable. We experienced an incredible journey with Miguel as he made friends with the trickster Hector and eventually discovered who his great great grandfather (Don’t worry, if you have not watched it, I won’t drop any major spoiler).

Indeed, Coco broke the status quo of fairy tales and still gave us a memorable ending. Maybe too memorable in my own case.


Yeah, Coco gave us a wide variety of rich and diverse characters to pick from. You could either love the sweet, innocent and jovial Miguel. Or the versatile, foot-tapping trickster Hector. Or even the overconfident, melodious, full of life (he was actually dead) singer, Ernesto de la Cruz. In my own case, I fell in love with the abnormal, clumsy and big-eyed dog, Dante. (He actually reminds me of Heihei, the crazy chicken in Moana. And my mind keeps telling me it is not a coincidence having an animal sidekick with similar personalities).

Irrespective of your taste, Coco had a favorite character for everybody.


Dia de Muertos (meaning Day of the Dead in English) is actually an holiday celebrated in Mexico in honor of the dead. Even though Saint Cecilia was a fictional town in Mexico, it still had the beautiful lights, flowery aesthetics and even the mariachis synonymous with Mexico.

Most of us have never been to Mexico but Coco made us feel welcome in Mexico.


This could be my favorite reason I enjoyed watching Coco. The soundtracks in this movie give a positive attitude to the movie, I still remember rewatching the scene of the talent hunt where Miguel and Hector sang ‘Un Poco Loco’ accompanied by graceful foot taps.

The most emotional scene of the movie was probably Miguel singing “Remember Me” with his oldest relative. Coco showed us the power of music in a new light.


This is another reason this movie was enjoyed by everybody from different age ranges. No caricatures. No disproportionate body sizes. No weird theatrics.

Just good quality animations that appeal to the eyes. Pixar did a wonderful job. I still feel goosebumps after watching the flight of Imelda’s colorful majestic beast.


This may be the least enjoyable reason but children who saw this movie can view death as a simple transition from the land of the living. Even the scene of Hector also disappearing from existence was explainable.

Kudos to Pixar for still trying portray death in a creative way.


This is the last and most enjoyable detail from the movie Coco. Miguel only realized the importance of family after realizing the narcissistic nature of Ernesto, the phenomenal success of their time. Miguel achieved his passion for music. But only after putting his family (both dead and alive) first in his life.

The theme of the movie was simple and finally made sense at the end. Familial love. Nothing beats the love of family at the end. And this is a lesson that should be portrayed more in Today’s movies (I digress by giving a special cheers to Hugh Jackman’s The greatest showman – amazing movie).

Like I promised, I did not drop any major spoilers. If you have not seen the movie, go and watch it now. But if you have seen the movie, kindly tell us your favorite scene and why you enjoyed the movie. You can probably drop your favorite “Coco song” too.

Zamai Banje

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