3 Lessons From The Life Of Jephthah

Jephthah, one name you might not have heard before. The name of this man goes with a very complex story, in our modern days, what this man did would have been seen as nonsense.

Still, you can learn from him, if you would only look deep.

Here are a few lessons from the story of Jephthah:

1. Never make promises that you will not be able to fulfill
Keep your word, it shows integrity. Jephthah made a promise to give whoever came to welcome him as a burnt offering. This person turned out to be his only daughter. Now, he didn’t actually give her as a burnt offering, but he gave her to the Lord and ended up without grandchildren. He kept his word and that is one thing we should hold on to.
2. Always remember, God is more concerned about your character than comfort
Jephthah was an illegitimate son, when the time came for his father’s inheritance to be shared, his own family chased him away. He didn’t see this as an excuse to go the wrong way, he became a mighty warrior. He became the leader of many, people began to see him beyond his illegitimate status.
If he had been comfortable with the wealth he got from his father’s inheritance, he probably would not have turned out the way he did.
Your status or circumstance shouldn’t determine how you develop yourself. Work on building your character even when you are not comfortable. Even in your uncomfortable situation, there is value within you.
3. Regardless of your upbringing, status or lifestyle, God can use you
In plain terms, where you’ve been does matter to God. He’s concerned about where you’ll let him take you. Allow Him.
Jephthah is one very good example of the popular saying-” there is a silver lining in every cloud”.

Even in Jephthah’s difficult-to-understand story, these are things you should hold onto.

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