How To Set Boundaries In Relationships

There’s a very thin line between being principled and being proud or harsh. In relationships or building friendship with people, this thin line should be seen and paid attention to.
A healthy relationship gives you the space to be yourself, to maintain your personal integrity.Most people will respect your principles when you explain what they are and will expect that you do the same for them, it is a two-way thing.
Setting boundaries usually stems from having certain recognizable principles, as to what you’ll accept and what you’ll not. It has to do with setting a standard for yourself in the first place.
Some people find it difficult to trust people not to hurt their feelings, as a result of invasion of boundaries, instability or inconsistency. People in this situation suffer from lack of self esteem, fear of losing a relationship, guilt about not being able to always impress people if they do not give in. This is the major reason why boundaries need to be set in every relationship, especially those involving the opposite sex.
To set boundaries, first understand the things you are not comfortable with, ranging from verbal abuse, being shouted at, bullying,being touched without permission,someone making comments about your body parts, invasion of your personal space, and so on.
Once you understand where you stand on these issues personally, communicate them to the other person in the best way possible, then be on the lookout for when they seem to play out of the rules of the game. You also should try as much as possible to not do the things you are not comfortable with, to the other person.
If the other person seems to be overstepping their bound, state in the best way possible that you feel the boundaries are being overstepped.
Stay away from anyone who has his or her own motive and thinks nothing of pushing the limit, of invading your space for their own satisfaction. This is not a difficult to recognize since there’s usually not much pretence involved.
Take charge of your choices, make your decisions, separate yourself from others, know that you cannot always do what they want. Gaining a healthy perspective of others without creating conflict within yourself is the goal.

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