3 Lessons From The Life Of Deborah

The story of Deborah is one to learn from. She is mentioned as the only female leader in the book of Judges, she was greatly used by God, although she lived during the time of Jabin who oppressed Israel for 20 years. She was a perfect definition of leadership, strength, courage and humility.
There are so many lessons to learn from Deborah, here are a few of them:
1. Dependence On God
She acknowledged that her strength came from the Lord, she never leaned on her own understanding, she never took pride in her own abilities, she depended solely on God for wisdom and leadership ability.
Leadership is definitely not an easy task. Having to lead people with different opinions and characters can pose a greater challenge. The wisdom you require to be a perfect leader can only be gotten from God. Accomplishing more than you already have, isn’t based on your own understanding/strength.
2. Use Your Abilities For The Benefit Of Others
She was dedicated to service, pride didn’t get into her and stop her from using her abilities to solve people’s problems. There are things you can do better than anyone else, discover these things, make maximum use of your abilities, serve God with your abilities and you’ll discover you would have been able to impact more lives and achieve more this way, than using your abilities for your own selfish interest.
3. Contagious Courage
For a woman, her courage was commendable. Balak was able to fulfill God’s purpose for his life as a result of Deborah’s contagious courage.
You should be a source of strength and inspiration to anyone that comes your way. You should be given to pushing people to greatness and helping to achieve their God-given purpose.

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