4 Lessons From The Life Of Billy Graham

Billy Graham, one of the world’s greatest evangelists, passed on yesterday, and in less than 24 hours, this is the most trending topic on every search engine – The life of Billy Graham.

There are so many lessons to be learnt from the life of this great man. Some of which will be pointed out in this post.

1. Flee From Temptation

If you’ve taken time to read his biography, you would notice that at some point he started the ‘modesto manifesto’, stating that he and other ministers in his circle, would not be found alone in a room with women or a woman who isn’t their wife. He also recognized some other temptations that might come his way and this ‘modesto manifesto’ did justice to those things.

You also should constantly be at alert and be a person of integrity in terms of upholding your moral values, godly  principles and keeping yourself from all appearances of sin. Do not give room for temptation, rather put measures in place to keep you in check.

2. Serve Where You Have Been Called To Serve

While growing up, Billy Graham didn’t express any interest in being an evangelist, instead he was interested in taking up a career in a particular sport he enjoyed, God’s call for him was later pointed out and he stuck to it. He turned down an offer to run for US Presidency and for a while he was president of a Christian college but he quit when he realised he was not giving enough time to that which he had been called to do.

You might also have something you enjoy doing which is not actually God’s purpose for your life. You should find out where you’ve been called to serve, and give it your all.

3. Maintain Your Personal Convictions, But Do Not Make Another Religion Seem Inferior

It was never recorded that he demonized another religion all in the name of bringing people to Christ. You shouldn’t also cut across as judgemental, in a bid to win souls. Tell people the truth and watch them be transformed. 

4. Seek God’s Kingdom And You Can Expect Blessings To Follow

This man’s story is one that has been heard by many people in 24 hours as a result of the life he lived. He’s more or less the most popular person on social media right now and he was not even a celebrity, he only fulfilled purpose.

Run with God’s call for your life, seek him first and every other thing you desire will come naturally.

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