3 Areas Of Life You Should Be Intentional About

The year is running along already, and like it or not, everyday takes you closer to the end of the year. There are always very important things to do and there are things that must be done, but are seen as unimportant.

As unimportant as these things seem, they must be done and the only way to do them is to be intentional about them.

Here’s a list of things you really shouldn’t leave without doing intentionally:

1. Getting Information

Yes, be intentional about getting information. Yearn more, ask questions, read books, learn new things and be informed.

The saying that goes, “If you want to hoard information from a black man, put it in a book”. Embark on readathons, do book reviews, follow political programs, but be sure to stay informed intentionally.

2. Helping people

Naija is known for the ‘no-time’nature with which things are done. But, you should be intentional about helping people, you do not have to leave your own business suffering just to help someone, you just have to make out time.

Listen to someone that needs to talk, give advice to whoever needs it, put a smile on someone’s face intentionally.

3. Taking good care of yourself

Selfish as this might sound, it is very important. Do not rush off to work by 4:30am without taking breakfast. Be intentional about waking up earlier than you should to fix yourself something for breakfast. Eat good food, exercise, look good and feel good. If you don’t take care of yourself, you will be unable to help those you should be helping.

Health is wealth.

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