5 Lessons From The Life Of Rahab

Rahab’s story is definitely one that shows how God can save anyone and favour anyone. A-once-upon-a-time harlot, who lived by the world’s standards had a changed life, received favour and was given the privilege to be in the lineage of Jesus Christ.

Here are few things to learn from Rahab:

1. She was perceptive, intelligent and well-informed.

She knew who the spies were as she was intelligent enough to acknowledge the power of their God. She decided to keep them because she knew the God of Israel was capable of destroying Jericho and the only way out, was to help them and they saved her in return.

She also displayed wisdom in her response to those who came in search of the spies. It could be seen as lying, there is no excuse for lying, but there is still commendation for her wisdom.

2. Worship God according to his terms.

For her to be saved, she had to differentiate her house from other houses by putting a scarlet cord outside her window. She could have been told to describe how they could get to her house and save her, but there had to be a sign.

Your salvation shouldn’t be based on the world’s standards but on God’s terms. Live your life in a way that leaves a sign of your salvation. Your faith and action must be in sync consistently.

3. God’s purpose is not limited to your past. As an harlot, this woman had definitely done a lot of things. But, no sin is too great for God to forgive and no one is too dirty for God to use.

4. Fear should lead you to trust God. If there is room for fear, then there is room to trust.

5. God protects many for the sake of one.

This is not the only instance where God showed his willingness to save others because of one person, it can also be seen in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. Rahab’s family members were saved as well because of her.

Once you come to Christ, your past no longer counts. It’s a new slate, you are a new creature as long as you believe and accept the sacrifice Christ made for your salvation.

Rahab was made to be a part of the lineage of Christ, you also have an inheritance with God.

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