5 Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Valentine is here again! While the expression of love to partners or spouses should not be limited to one day, it is a great opportunity to do it again! Love is never too much.

When it comes to showing someone how much you love them, it can pose a really great challenge. There are different ways to show someone how much you love him/her. But, one way which readily comes to mind is – giving. The ultimate show of God’s love was in giving His Son, so of course giving is the way.

However, while giving a gift solves the problem of how best to show love to someone, another bridge you’ll have to cross is deciding which gift is the perfect one to give somene for valentine.

Here are five great ideas:

1. Cards: Cards are readily available for purchase, so if you really want to gift someone but will be unable to go through the stress of shopping for something more sophisticated, a beautiful card expressing your feelings can do the job just right.

2. Throw pillow or Pillow Case: A throw pillow or pillow case with this special person’s picture is also one great way to go. This pillow case with boo/bae’s picture is the rave of the moment. So, go ahead and make that person know you’re thinking of them all the time.

3. Mug: It might seem small but you can also gift someone a mug with their picture on it. Remind them how beautiful they are,how much you love them and care about them.

4. Jewelry: This never fails to do the job! Giving someone you love a necklace, wristwatch or any other accessory is another way to say ‘I love you, and you mean a lot to me’.

5. Picture Frame: You could as well decide to make a framed picture of you and the person you want to gift, or a picture of boo/bae made by an artist and put in a very beautiful frame. This will be well appreciated too.

These are very great ways to show you love someone this Valentine’s day. The best gift to give anyone is your time, or better put, your attention. Spend time with your loved ones. Valentine isn’t an avenue to do the wrong things in a bid to show love to some one.

God is love, give someone the gift of the gospel.

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