Is Sex Equivalent To Love?

There seems to be a correlation or some sort of a relationship between love and sex, and beyond every reasonable argument, there is. But, this should only be expressed on one condition, marriage.

The fact that sex doesn’t prove love has been tagged ‘unbelievable’, regardless of how true it is.

Is there a relationship between sex and love?


Do sex and love work hand in hand?


Must you have sex with someone to show you love them?


When you meet a person and they say they love you, it could be a good thing. Yet, sometimes, they leave you torn between having to compromise your principles against premarital sex and showing them how much you love them through sex, especially when they don’t share your faith.

You could begin to wonder what happens if you even end up not being so good in bed as they assume you should, you think you really should somehow up your bed-game, all because you do not want them to assume you do not love them.

If you have experienced that, you’ve got to let that person go in search of love somewhere else. Do not ever make the mistake of misinterpreting lust for love, they are not alike at all.

If a person truly loves you, sex wouldn’t be the basis of their love. True love is never built on emotions and sexual attractions, it is a factor of respect for the opinions and personality of the other person. A person who respects you, respects your body, and would not ask for it as a form of proof or evidence for the crime of loving them – a crime you didn’t even commit voluntarily.

A price tag shouldn’t be placed on your love life and relationship. Love wouldn’t make you do things you wouldn’t want to do, you certainly don’t want to go into premarital sex, so love wouldn’t make you do that.

If you love someone and you feel they love you too, yet sex seems to be the only thing on their mind, you should let them go. 

There have been situations where married people kill each other, they have kids, so they’ve had sex. Yet, would you kill someone you claim to truly love?

True love is never after your body, it seeks to help you stay away from sin. Find true love in Christ and among people who share your Christian faith. Sexual purity is the way of God. 

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