Why Purpose Is Important In Relationships

Questions concerning relationships can never be fully answered. One frequently asked question in relationships, is “What does it mean to go into a relationship with purpose?” Simply going into a relationship is one thing, going into a relationship with a purpose is another thing.

When you go into a relationship with a purpose, the purpose or aim is usually marriage. It is possible for one partner to be looking towards marriage, while the other isn’t ready for anything in serious. In this case, there will be a conflict of interest.

Before going into a relationship, be sure of what your partner’s intentions are, be clear on what your intentions are too. If this isn’t done, you just might end up wasting time with someone who isn’t looking in the direction you’re looking.

Sometimes too, relationships seem to exist when in the real sense, they don’t. Be sure the person you claim to be in a relationship with, is in a relationship with you. Don’t assume.

If all you want from a relationship is just company and fun, let the other person know, and be sure you’re on the same page. If you want something serious, let them know and be sure they agree with you.

You don’t want to go on a ride thinking you have company when you’re actually on your own, it could be really heartbreaking. To prevent serious heart accidents, it is best to be sure of where your relationship is leading.

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