3 Things You Probably Never Noticed About Joseph

Joseph is unarguably one of the Bible characters whose actions definitely command a lot of respect. He was described in a way that tells how handsome he was.

Beyond these, there are key points in the story of Joseph that should be paid attention to.

1. His Actions Were Not Determined By The Reaction Of Others

He had a dream, he went ahead to share this dream with his brothers. They could have chosen to help his ministry and support his dream, but they didn’t. Their response never deterred him. It is not everyone’s opinion you should pay attention to.

Do not allow people to determine how you hold your dream, those who do not support it will still need its impact. Your dream is yours to pursue. Run with it.

2. He Was Very Concerned About God’s Will

Even in the face of temptation, this fine guy stood for God. He was unwilling to go against God’s will. He allowed things to follow the right course, he allowed God take him to the top the right way.  How many times have you let go of something, just because you know it isn’t right?

3. The Love Of His Father Meant A Lot To Him

He had the seal of his father’s love, the coat of many colors. His brothers saw this as a threat, but it was all that mattered to him. You have the seal of God’s love towards you. You have the seal of the Holy Spirit. No matter the situation you find yourself, never doubt the love God has for you, nothing can take away his love for you.


If you’ve never paid attention to Joseph, you should start now. There are so many things to learn from his story, these are only few. Putting these 3 keys into your everyday life will definitely cause a change you’ll love.

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