How To Achieve Fast Personal Growth

Change, they say is constant. Growth comes with relative amount of change, whichever way you might experience it. From rich to poor, good to bad or sad to happy, there’s always a little change. It could either be in your countenance or appearance. However, growth isn’t constant, at least not the way change is assumed to be.

Everyone wants to grow. If you’ve gone past the legal age, you can attest to the excitement you would usually feel as you attain the ages with a zero behind. You can also relate to the gloom you feel when you weigh your achievements and all of a sudden don’t feel up to the task. You suddenly won’t be looking forward to being older any longer.

Said and understood, you want to grow. Accept it or not, even in terms of achievements, you want to grow. You’ve embarked on the journey of setting goals and making to-do lists every day, for this sole purpose – GROWTH.

These goals, no matter how little, won’t go far in helping to achieve your aim, if you keep holding on to certain beliefs and people, tagged “Distractions”.

People, yes people. This six-letter word is one major distraction you will always have to deal with, If you must grow. Not everyone you meet will accept your dream, not everyone you meet will encourage you. It is your duty to seek out those whose opinions are needed and let go of those who will only distract you and hinder your growth.

If your time is being taken unnecessarily by some set of people, doing things that are really not beneficial, you should let go because time is key if you must grow.

If you feel you can grow by holding on to distractions, you might want to think twice.

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