10 Things That Every Pastor’s Kid Can Relate With

Pastors’ kids live in an entirely different world from other kids in church and this hardly ever changes for a really long time.

Here are ten kids that every pastor’s kid can relate with:

1. Your Dad Uses You As An Example While Preaching

If this has never happened to you, are you really a pastor’s kid? It could be a good example or a really bad one, and you can expect to be teased about it by fellow church members right after church. If your crush is a member of your church, then it’s over. You can only wish that the ground would open up and swallow you.

2. Everybody Else Can Make Mistakes Except You

Apparently, pastor’s kids are expected to be angels; picture-perfect people who could never hurt a fly. At the slightest manifestation of your mistake-prone human nature, the next thing you hear is ‘And your parents are pastors…’

3. You Should Know Everybody In Church And Talk To Them Too

Nobody cares if you’re an introvert who would rather stay alone than go around meeting people. They don’t care if you have a bad memory when it comes to names. You just have to know everyone and greet them first. Nobody must be nicer than the pastor’s family.

4. Missing Church Events? That’s An Abomination!

It’s simply unheard of, and you had better had a good reason if you miss church, like you almost vomited your intestines that day or a headache almost ripped your head off your neck.

5. You Become An Involuntary Volunteer At Church Programmes

Whether you like it or not, you have to be in church, doing something: helping to arrange the auditorium, singing with the choir (even if your voice is hardly better than a frog’s), taking care of the children, and so on… Let’s just say uselessness in church is not a luxury a pastor’s kid can afford.

6. You Are Surrounded By ‘A Multitude Of Witnesses’

The thing is, you have more parents than anyone else in church. You literally have people monitoring your life, your social media pages, your comments on other people’s posts. Everybody is responsible for the pastor’s kids.

7. You Must Be A Bible Scholar

No Bible story must be alien to you, you should be able to recite a thousand and one verses of the Bible offhand without missing a word. You have to be a walking Bible.

8. Your Circle Of Friends Are Most Likely Other Pastors’ Kids

And this will be the case until you move to a tertiary institution, unless if of course, you end up attending your church’s university. The fun part, though, is that you all just get each other!

9. Dating? That’s A Massive ‘NO’

How dare you spew such unclean words as ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’? Until the church mummies begin to ask you about ‘the’ brother, you’re not allowed to even think of the opposite sex. Every male is a brother-in-Christ.

10. Everyone Assumes That You Will Be A Pastor Too

You either become a pastor, or you marry one. That is your default future, take it or leave it.

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