If We Had Twitter In Bible Times…

There are quite a number of social media platforms, but for many people, Twitter is that one social media app that they can’t get enough of, and it’s not hard to see why.

While the world was still basking in the euphoria of making it to the new year, some Twitter users decided to start the year on a really fun note.

A user (@AmBlujay) dropped a tweet which read,

Imagine if Twitter existed during the Bible Times….the tweets and the Subtweets 😂’

And as expected, many people jumped on the thread, dropping their hilarious ideas of what tweets would have been like in various situations, with memes and GIFs which made it all the more fun.

In no particular order, here are our top thirteen from the thread.

1. ‘Your MCM said he’s the Messiah and the son of God. He’s being crucified right now. He’s 33.’ – @Efvsx_

2. ‘Have you heard what happened to Abel?? Sometimes it be yo own people…’ – @cynthiamercy22

3. ‘On other news. The self proclaimed messiah just ransacked the temporary flea market in the temple area. A lot of onlookers have footage of the rampage in their phones’ – @lo_nhewe90

4. ‘Jesus: “Oomf is gonna betray me” ‘ – @NerdySk

5. ‘This guy is busy tweeting hes the messiah yet he only has 12 followers. Hes not even a tweleb’ – @Lekoba_Please.

6. ‘Portiphar’s wife: Babe, take off your jacket

Joseph: Man’s not hot!’ – @RoyalTrybe

7. ‘Men are tiring, this old man I met in town the other day kept calling me to come build a ship with him… how lame, he made up some story about a flood…. someone come get your Grandad’ – @NerdySk

8. *Judas After Betraying Jesus*

I don’t Preach Now, I make Money moves. – @Hisroyaldopenez

9. ‘Thread on how this guy just parted the red sea:’ – @Siya_TheSMG

10. ‘How my dad, “Abraham” tried to sacrifice me
A thread 🙌’ – @TshepisoNtholi

11. ‘King Solomon out here balling, and he brought his 1000 wives with. #FillUpJerusalem” 😂😂 – @kennyDior

12. ‘This runaway kid just got home and his folks threw him a party. A whole entire party!

My parents will first moer we with the belt and send me to bed without supper . #WhiteIsNice’ – @justReesie

13. ‘Shadreck, Meshach and Abednego:

Today was lit! 🔥🔥🔥’ – @SoulDeepZim

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