4 Relationship Lessons From The Life Of Joseph, Jesus’ Earthly Father

If you have heard of Jesus, then you have probably heard of Joseph, the carpenter, his earthly Father.

The Bible does not say much about the life of Joseph, but from the little we have, there are a number of lessons we get from this man whose role in the life of Jesus, though underrated by people, is unarguably important.

1. Love

This man knew what it meant to love someone. He knew he just couldn’t put himself first all the time. He wasn’t willing to disgrace his fiancee just like that.

So, you say you’ve fallen in love?. Yet, when that person makes a mistake, you’re the first to throw stones. That’s not love.

2. Patience

Joseph was one very patient man. He could have thrown Mary out immediately he found out about ‘another man’s pregnancy’ but he didn’t. His love for her constrained him to think more.

Don’t jump to conclusions in your relationship, hear what God says too.

3. Trust

He trusted God; He knew that God wouldn’t stand for ‘sin’ and allow his wife cheat on him. His ability to trust God and follow His instructions also saved Christ from Herod.

Trust God, it saves you a lot of headache.

4. Faithfulness

Joseph was faithful to Mary, he was faithful to God and had sound knowledge of the scriptures. If he wasn’t, he might not have been opportune to be the father of Jesus.

He had the fear of God and allowed His will to be fulfilled.

These four things are key in any relationship.

Learn to love, and really love. Love doesn’t put the other person down, love is patient, it covers everything.

Be patient, look before you leap, don’t be too quick to judge. Trust God, be clear on every issue, follow his directives, and you’ll be just fine.

Akinleye Temiloluwa

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