Is It Always Greener On The Other Side?

Nobody wants to live life like a nobody. Everybody wants to go in search of ‘greener’ pastures, and this does not necessarily mean leaving the country as many people might think.

There’s that point in your life where it feels like life isn’t just giving you enough. You know quite well, that there’s more to life but you’ve really not been experiencing this ‘more’ to the fullest.

Every other person seems to you like they’ve got their life all planned out, with absolutely no issues at all. You imagine that you are the only one with very serious issues, as you like to tag your problems.

You know absolutely nothing about what the other person’s issues are, but you choose to assume that their life is just a bed of roses, while yours is more like a bed of thorns, where everything you do just isn’t right.

The truth is, that other person you feel is on the better side of life, has got his or her own issues. You don’t have to be dealing with the same problem, there are a whole lot of things people go through without anyone even knowing.

Your problem might be finance related, you feel the other person who is financially buoyant has no issues, because you don’t know that he is suffering from a terminal illness. Now, would you rather have money and suffer from a terminal illness, or would you prefer to be in health when you finally make your money the legal way?

The assumption, usually is that it is always greener on the other side but that assumption is not always true. Life shows each person different sides, deal with side you’re faced with, forget who has what and what they have. Your life is your life. Do not wish for someone else’s life, you never know what their life entails, you only know what they allow you know.

In your search for greener pastures, be sure to never make the mistake of towing the wrong path because it seems like it will lead to your destination faster. Go through your journey of life with God, and your life will be just the way you want. He has it all planned out for you.

Akinleye Temiloluwa

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