Suicide – An Option Or Not?

Suicide, these days, seems like the easy way out for whatever challenge(s) teenagers and young adults face.

After all the stress of going for classes early and staying up late to read for exams, the only thing you expect as long as you’ve got blood flowing in you,is the ‘best’. But, it doesn’t look life is willing to get any better, when what you get is a GP that is almost dead from the weight of unending D’s and F’s.

Normally, you would feel like a failure. You start to reminisce on how you waited for years before gaining admission. You choose to forget that you survived that, instead you start to see how nothing good can possibly come out of your life, because your GP has chosen not to cooperate and has refused to let you be great.

You’d rather not live at all, than live without being ‘great’, and having to die a failure. So, you go for the best option there is – You choose to die by your own hands.

Yes, that is what suicide is.

This is only a brief, yet common instance, compared to the so many reasons that have been mentioned as reasons for suicide. No reason, however reasonable, is reasonable enough to make you take your own life.

You might be depressed, and nothing anyone says will be enough to console you, yet you should choose to speak up. A problem shared is half-solved, you don’t always have to be strong by yourself. You feel strong? Great! Talk to someone, you’ll feel stronger.

Talking to humans might prove difficult as everyone might seem too busy and nobody is listening. God is never busy, He always listens.

You don’t have to take a fast route to ‘heaven’ just to see God and sort things out, you can always cry out to Him, pour out your heart to him; He listens.

Suicide is never the way out, it only worsens things. Stop thinking suicide, start dealing with those issues the right way. Get someone to talk to, talk to God and you’ll be fine.

God’s got you, you are alright.

Akinleye Temiloluwa

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