How To Know God’s Will For You

When people hear ‘God’s will’, their minds typically shift to God having desires that contradict theirs, requiring that they follow whatever they believe that God is saying to them. This not only opposes the true nature of God, our freewill as humans, but also everything that the will of God stands for.

This is why a man will walk up to a woman and tell her that God says she is his wife and though she does not feel an iota of attraction to him, she will accept to marry him out of a religious obligation. 

It would appear that people do not know that being born again does not mean that you lose the right to choose. One thing that disqualifies Christianity as a religion is that while other religions bind and restrict your choices, Christianity gives you a right to choose, it gives you liberty through Christ – Galatians 5:13.

While Jesus was on earth, he gave people the right to choose. Even in the most ‘obvious’ situations like the healing of Bartimaeus or the man born blind in John 9, He asked them what they would have Him do for them.

You need to know that God is not against you. There was a time when men could not think like God (Isaiah 55:8-9), so it was easy to think that men might not want God wants. This does not apply to the Christian. You have been raised to sit in heavenly places in Christ and are a partaker of His divine nature. You have the mind of Christ, so you can know His will now.

Paul was chosen to know God’s will (Acts 22:14-15); you are too! You can know His voice. The sheep know the voice of their Shepherd. Jesus is your Shepherd. 

Whenever you are about to make a wrong decision, the Holy Spirit in you will prompt you and guide you to do the right thing. As long as you can back it up with the Word, you feel at peace in your spirit and are experiencing true joy, you can be sure that you are right at the centre of God’s will.

Don’t be scared of God’s will. It is always for your good and will not leave you unhappy and dissatisfied. Stay in prayer, get in the word and listen to what the Spirit is saying. He always leads you. You just need to listen, and you won’t go wrong.

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