Is It Wrong To Not Want To Marry?

Africa is a beautiful continent and there are many things that her people hold dear, one of them is marriage. Wedding ceremonies and the idea of marriage generally thrill many Africans so it is not surprising to see that getting married is an expectation that most young people have and parents have for their children too.

This is why when a person makes a statement that tends towards a lack of interest in marriage, it makes people wonder. But is marriage compulsory? Is there anything wrong with not wanting to be joined to someone as a spouse?

Well, Apostle Paul, in 2 Corinthians 7 suggested that to serve the Lord better, it is better to stay single. That way, a person is not laden with worries of how to satisfy one’s spouse or take care of children, giving them enough time and opportunities to do great things for God.

This is not to say that marriage is bad, though. After all, the relationship between Christ and the church is described as marriage. Marriage is beautiful and ordained by God, but He does not impose it on anybody. Like many other life choices that we make, marriage is also a choice.

You don’t have to feel bad that you do not seem to have interest in marriage, given that you have seen all the shades of it, especially the good. Rather, you should thank God for it because it is a gift. Apostle Paul described it as a gift. Indeed, being able to serve God wholeheartedly and with less distractions is a gift.

However, remember that whether you marry or not, your goal should be to let God be glorified through you. That is the ultimate.

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