10 Church Memes That Everyone Can Relate To

Church is always a beautiful place to be, but there are some really special moments in church that you just can’t miss, some of which are embarrassing, yet funny. These ten memes capture some of those moments:


This is almost enough to ruin a service for some people, and you really cannot blame them.


Nothing refreshes the soul like food, yeah?


On such days, you begin to wish you were seated at the back so you can get a good portion, or you’re really thankful that you ended up at the back, so exit is easier.


This is totally annoying because going back home is like the least of your options. Everyone has seen you and your ruined outfit anyway, so it’s more or less pointless.


Nobody wants to miss a church service where there will be refreshments after service.


When this happens, you begin to wish for Jesus to come at that moment, especially if your ringtone is one you’re not proud of.


It’s best to accept your mistake and try to stay awake because denying it when you were clearly sleeping just makes it all the more awkward.


God bless our media guys in churches all over the world, but this is so true!


Like way to ruin the moment, huh?


They just seem to end up bullying you unnecessarily, especially if you are already singing with so much joy and sincerity.

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