Tasha Cobbs, Nicki Minaj Collab – What Christians Are Saying

So this week was a pretty intense one, especially in Christian circles on social media, as the internet was agog with controversies on the rare collaboration between American gospel artiste, Tasha Cobbs and rapper, Nicki Minaj on the new single ‘I’m Getting Ready’, a single off Cobb’s 2017 album, ‘Heart. Passion. Pursuit.’

The single created controversies and has been the hot topic among Christians on and off social media.

As expected, some saw nothing wrong with it and considered it good news since many of Nicki’s fans will now be exposed to the gospel. See their reactions below:



However, quite a number of people were not so pleased with the collaboration. Here are their comments:


Like I said, pretty intense, isn’t it? What are your thoughts on this? Please share your opinion below.

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