Is Social Media A Blessing Or A Curse To Christians?

Social media is like a dream come true for many. There are so many advantages to it, even for the church, that we really cannot state them all. On social media, we can now hold e-conferences, the word of God travels faster and we can literally reach people all over the world with the gospel of Christ. Pastor Nathaniel Bassey’s 1-hour Tongues Challenge, and the even more popular Hallelujah Challenge helped people see social media in a brand new light and through it, many were blessed. Sadly, however, there are just as many disadvantages, as people are also exposed to the decay that has eaten deep into our world, and it takes only the grace of God and the help of the Holy Spirit to stay pure in the midst of it all. The fight for sanity and godliness became stronger with the advent of social media networks. And one is left to wonder if social media is a blessing to the body of Christ, or a curse?

To answer this, it would be best to see social media for what is actually is – a tool. What you do with it is what will determine whether it is good or bad for you. Someone gave the perfect illustration of this using a gun. A gun is a weapon quite alright, but it can either be used for good purposes or bad purposes. In the hands of a policeman, it serves to protect, but in the hands of a criminal, it serves to harm. The difference is all in how it is used. Another example is seen in the use of drugs. When used in the right proportions, drugs have a healing power but then there is also drug abuse which produces adverse effects, almost as if it were a different substance entirely.

For you as a Christian, being on social media should be a blessing, because it gives you more opportunities to shine as the light that you are. Indeed, it is easier for you to reach more people with the gospel of Christ and be exposed to more truths from brethren in the faith who are also active there. However, you should be careful not to corrupt your mind and affect your conscience. Apostle Paul warned the church strongly about the word of God being twisted by false teachers and this is seen in his epistles. There was no social media then, yet at the time, there were many false teachers. You can only imagine how it is now. Now more than ever, we should test every spirit. Social media is also very addictive, and if one is not careful, it can also be idolized.

It’s all in how you choose to use it; it’s all in how you let it affect you. Is social media really a blessing or a curse then? It’s left to you to decide which one it is for you.

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