4 Church Habits You Need To Inculcate

The gathering together of believers to learn, worship and pray is one that every Christian should look forward to. It is a time when the young in the faith can grow, it is a time when one can build one’s faith and have fellowship with the Father, together with other members of the family of God.

Here are five habits which I believe every Christian should inculcate during such meetings:

1. Punctuality

Lateness is a bad habit anywhere. Time is precious to everyone, and a ‘serious’ Christian should not treat punctuality to church meetings lackadaisically because it also shows how much you value them. Besides, every part of a church meeting is important and should not be missed.

2. Going With A Bible

Technology has made this easy for everyone such that we have bibles on our phones and some churches have projector screens on which bible verses are displayed. Reading Bible passages that are called out by the preacher for yourself will help you digest them easier and see for yourself what exactly the preacher is talking about.

3. Taking Notes

I am a strong advocate of having a notepad whenever one is attending Christian meetings. That way, it is easy to write down what one learns. Your memory might fail you, but when you have it written somewhere, you can always go back to it. It also aids meditation, and you never know when you might actually need it.

4. Giving Offerings

Let’s leave out the spiritual aspect a bit; the truth is like it or not, tithes and offerings are important for the work of the kingdom. Maintenance of the church building, payment of church staff, production of church materials (e.g. bulletins, tracts, etc) and loads of other work need to be done and the funding for all these come from church offerings. Learn to give to the work of God.

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