How To Avoid Sleeping During Church Services


One of the most embarrassing things that can happen to you during church service is an usher coming to tap you because you were starting to doze off, or worse still, your pastor calling you straight from the pulpit to stop sleeping. Definitely embarrassing, isn’t it?

Here’s how to beat sleep when you’re in church:

1. Go To Church With Intent

It’s sad and disappointing to find out that many Christians go to church out a form of religious obligation which they believe that they have, rather than seeking to grow in knowledge or to receive strength from the word of God.

When you attend a party and you know that ofada rice, your all time favourite, is definitely going to be served, you don’t sleep off because you would want to keep your eyes peeled, especially since you do not know the hour when the ofada rice shall arrive. In the same vein, when you go to church with intent, a purpose or to get something in particular, sleep should elude you because you will most likely be paying attention to every single thing that happens, since you do not know when you will get that which you seek.

Don’t just go to church because you are asked to, go for a more genuine reason – to be a blessing to a brother or sister, to bless one of your leaders with a gift or to simply receive from God. With a purpose in mind, sleeping will not come to you as easily as it would if you just went for nothing.

2. Make Sure You Jot Something

The time of the service when people sleep the most is usually during the message. Dear Brother Eutychus of the book of Acts had ‘endured’ a long session of preaching by Apostle Paul, so his sleeping off is somewhat justified. However, you’re here and your pastor preaches for just about an hour or less and you’re starting to dose. I put it to you that if you were seriously taking points from the message, you will not sleep off so easily.

The average Nigerian guy goes to church with just his bible in his hands and the ladies, with how large their bags are, are hardly ever with a note and pen. I find that very funny. If you are serious about going to get something from what your pastor preaches about, you should have writing materials, so you can always go back to it and to keep you active and from sleep during the service as well.

3. Sleep Early The Night Before

This particular advice is underrated. How do you expect to stay up all night on Saturday, seeing a movie or playing video games and be alert on Sunday morning? There is only a limit to how much you can cheat your body. Try, as much as possible, to sleep early on Saturday; then you can have a fruitful Sunday morning.

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