Did Jesus Die To Make Us Wealthy?

I’m not even going to dance around the answer to this question, it is ‘NO’. No, Jesus did not die to make us wealthy. If you’re wondering why I said so, then you should read on.

In our days, what we now refer to as the ‘materialistic gospel’ is now more or less the only ‘gospel’ that is ever preached and it’s not hard to figure out why. People are suffering, economies all over the word are crumbling and many people are looking for the easy way out. What the ‘materialistic gospel’ teaches is that if you come to Jesus, He will make life easy for you and there will be a sudden turnaround for you, especially in your finances. We do not only hear this in church, but our gospel music ministers also find a way to infuse it into their music or music videos. So, you have a very poor man or woman who was poor and sad, but when he/she accepted Jesus, wealth suddenly comes.

But the question should be, if Jesus died to make us wealthy, why do we still have Christians who still struggle to have the things that they want? Just so you know, what I mean by ‘wealthy’ is being able to have needs and wants met, with a generous amount of resources left to extend a helping hand to as many as might need it without feeling the impact. If Jesus died to make us wealthy, what makes his sacrifice so unique if the world’s richest people did not need Him to amass the kind of wealth that they have?

True, Jesus has come to give us life and is more than able to provide our needs but nowhere in the Bible did he state the reason for his death and resurrection as to make us rich. There is a deeper issue than poverty which every man born of a woman needs to address and that is the sinful nature passed down from Adam to every man (and woman) after him. This is why Jesus died – to save us from the grasp of sin and to give us life eternal (Romans 6:2-4, John 10:10).

This does not mean that as a Christian you should live poor, without having your needs met. God is more than able to provide for you, after all, the earth and everything in it belong to Him and to us since we are His sons (Psalm 24:1). It takes a measure of faith, by exercising your authority as a believer and working according to the leadings of the Spirit to have a hold on your finances and enjoy God’s blessings there. You can be wealthy; and you can have your needs met. The Lord is your Shepherd, remember? (Psalm 23:1)

But don’t be deceived, the sole reason why Jesus came to die for mankind is to take care of the sinful nature. This is why no man can be excluded from the benefits of it.

I hope you understand.

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