Why You Should Use A Hard Copy Bible

The world has gone digital. Technology is rapidly evolving by the second and is making life easier for people all over the world. One way technology has made life particularly easy for us is in the use of mobile phones. Now, you can access various versions of the Bible on your smartphone whenever you want and wherever you are, yet I would not recommend that we discard our hard copy Bibles or use our soft copy Bibles for Bible study and in church. Here’s why I believe a hard copy Bible is still the best:

1. It Is Readily Available

One might want to argue that soft copy Bibles are readily available too, but that is not true. Your phone battery can die, it can get stolen, or even be damaged without repair, and though it is replaceable, you cannot access all that is in it at times like that. But a hard copy Bible can easily be reached. It does not have a battery which you have to charge, hardly gets stolen and is less prone to damage. So, it is a better option, don’t you think?

2. It is Easier to Use To Take Notes and Make References

A lot of updates of Bible apps are available and most of them come with the option of putting down notes or making references, but it is not only easier, it is also safer to use a hard copy Bible for that. With a highlighter pen or a ballpoint pen, it is easy to mark verses which speak to your spirit and which you can always come back to.

3. It is Less Distracting

Normally, this would be the number one reason why you should use a hard copy Bible because it is absolutely the truth. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and many other apps that long to eat into your Bible study period are just as accessible as the Bible app on your phone. Why head into temptation when you can simply avoid it by using a hard copy Bible?

Now, I’m not discrediting the use of soft copy Bibles, rather, I would also advocate that everyone should have at least one on their phones. But just to be safe, I would strongly advise that you also keep a hard copy Bible handy.

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