You Should Not Limit Your Worship To Emotions

I was at a Worship and Prayer meeting yesterday, organized by Voice of Worth, a ministry for females, which I am part of and as expected, every worship and prayer session was intense but I saw something which I’ve always seen at meetings like that that I have attended before. Joy in the Holy Ghost was obviously in the place. The spirit of God moved mightily and I want to believe that every person who attended was blessed.

But as we worshipped, I realized that in a meeting like that, you would see different kinds of expressions as people worship. Some will be in tears, some will sit, some will keep pacing, some will scream, and for some others, it just seems like they can’t feel what is going on in the atmosphere even as they stand with eyes closed and simply sing along or pray quietly.

Yet the truth is that worship is not in emotions. Don’t get me wrong, you can begin to feel some form of ecstasy and express it however you deem fit. Trust me, if you keep at it, you will most likely get ecstatic at some point. The Holy Spirit sure gives one that feeling, but He is not limited to feelings. How sure are you that the ecstasy you feel isn’t tied to the musical instruments? Try worshipping God alone and without those things and see for yourself.

Kenneth E. Hagin, in his experience of getting filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues said that he never felt dry in his entire life like he did at that moment and it has happened to me as well. But as Christians, we do not walk by how we feel, we walk by faith. So it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t feel like it, we faith it anyway.

So don’t think that because you do not get all emotional or you’re just not ‘feeling the worship’, something is wrong. How your spirit worships the Father is what is most important. Yes, the Holy Spirit births joy in our spirits but we express it in various forms. So don’t be ‘intimidated’ during worship and think you’re not a ‘good enough’ worshipper. You are accepted by God because of what Jesus has done, and so is your worship. That is what really matters.

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