How To Deal With Guilt

For us as Christians, it is normal to feel remorseful after doing a wrong, that is, after disobeying God. The Corinthian church reacted this way when Paul corrected them of their wrong in his first letter to them. This is seen in 2 Corinthians 7. In fact, if as a Christian, you do something wrong and do not feel bad about it, neither do you feel a ‘correctional prompt’ in your spirit, then it’s either what you did was not wrong, you didn’t know that what you did was wrong, what you did was wrong but your mind is not being renewed or worse still, you aren’t even saved.

Yet, this kind of guilt, technically, should only last a while and it can be done away with when we receive the forgiveness of God. But the devil works to make sure that Christians get stuck up in guilt and makes them unproductive in their spirits, making them run from God, rather than run to Him. Dirty clothes are not kept from soap; they are immersed in soap, because that is the only solution to the dirt on them. In the same vein, we should not run from the Father when we do wrong. He knows we are imperfect and shows up strong for us when we fall, giving us strength to rise again. Jesus showed a perfect example of how He would react to a person who commits a sin in the story of the adulterous woman in John 8. Of course she knew what she did was wrong, and she did not deny it either, yet Jesus did not look away from her or send her away.

Guilt that comes as a result of sin should not stay with you. Receive the forgiveness of God and thank Him for it. You know what you did was wrong and you’re sorry about it, that is the first step to receiving correction, but don’t stay there. Don’t let the devil keep you in guilt when Jesus has forgiven you. Declare your victory over sin, declare your forgiveness, let the devil know that you have been forgiven, and thank God for it.

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