Church Habits You Need To Stop

The gathering together of believers to worship God and fellowship with one another is something worth looking forward to, but then, there are certain things you really shouldn’t do when you’re in church.

1. Sleeping

If you ask me, I think this is the greatest of them all. No other habit contends with Christians like this one does. Of course people will complain of boredom or tiredness from the week’s work, but really that is no excuse. To help yourself, how about paying attention to what is going on and writing down points in your note. You can also chew gum quietly or get candy, anything that you can use to keep you active.

2. Side Talks

Yes, you’ve not seen your friend since mid-week service or maybe even since the previous Sunday service and there is so much you want to catch up on, but why not wait till the end of the service before you do that? Side talks and frequent random commentary about different things not only distracts others who are trying to concentrate, but totally defeats the purpose of the gathering with fellow believers, and that is for edification. Gist can wait till later. Learn to discipline yourself not to get carried away with it.

3. Surfing The Net/Chatting

I know many people are guilty of this and it’s not hard to see why. The internet is hardly ever boring and is easily distracting. And now that we hardly have hard copy Bibles and go to church with our smartphones, it has become easier to fall into this habit. You are only two to three clicks from checking Facebook, scrolling through Instagram or getting hooked on Twitter. It is not a good habit. Drop it!

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