When There’s Nothing Left But Prayer

We all have at a point in time tried everything within our power to solve a particular challenge, we exhausted our money, connections and finally went back to Prayer.

But the truth is we don’t always have to get that far if we had just Prayed to start with. 

It is human to want to solve his problem, and think physical solutions every time we face a challenge, which in its sense is not wrong, after all, why did God gives us brains if we can’t solve our problems? But there’s a difference between having brains and having brains plus a guide. The latter is quite easier, right? Having a guide is way easier than trying to figure everything out with your brains. 

That is what we get when we first take it to God in prayer. We get guidance on what to do, and believe me, there’s nothing as fulfilling as clarity and knowing what to do, after salvation.

Don’t exhaust your energy and options before going to God, rather, go to God first and watch him save you alot of energy, time and money.

Praying is an acknowledgment of dependence. It shows that we can’t do it without Him. Instead of turning to pray when all else has failed, make prayer your starting point.

Let God lead you before you lead yourself. Let him tell you what to do first. Take it to him in prayer

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