Here’s Why We Think You Feel Isolated in Your Church Community

This is one of the topics that is rarely discussed in church. The issue of isolation which has led to frustration and to many exiting the church can be as a result of various reasons.

There’s no definite reason as to why a person can’t connect in his/her church community. It is as relative as it can get.

Varying Interests

We all have one common goal and that is Christ. Also, every church has it own unique God-given vision and mandate. We are all part of the body but we belong to different parts and therefore we would have different functions. If God didn’t lead you to that church community or you can’t seem to get interested in what’s going on in that church, then you are bound to be isolated and disinterested in everything going on in that church.

Most of the time, it is because of isolation that people jump from one church to another looking for a community to fill the void, and the ones that give up looking usually end up on Twitter and other social networks saying all kinds of ridiculous things about the body of Christ. 

You are not a part of a department or ministry

We describe church departments and ministries as families too. This is where you meet people who are of like interest. People who have similar giftings and they are using it to serve God. For instance, the Ushering unit implies that its members have interest in “Hospitality, Organization and Order.” This is a good place to start fixing in, meeting people and getting involved in the family setting.

If you are not a part of a department or ministry in church, and you feel isolated, you might want to consider joining one.

You don’t want to let others in

Communities are formed by interaction, and this involves lowering your shield, even if it’s a little so others can come in. Nobody wants to talk to a person that’s always wearing a frown or pushing people away. The more you embrace others, the less isolated you become. Make it a goal to meet someone new every week. Things will eventually turn out well.

Maybe you really do not belong in that Church

A church is more than the building. It is made up of the people in it. It’s their church, they own it and treat it like their own, because they own it. And if you think you don’t belong, it’s because you have not started owning it. Be deliberate about getting involved in your church community.  You have to start by seeing the people there as a family.

When they don’t check on you, rather than complain, go check on them. If anyone hurts you, be quick to forgive or make it a practice to forgive in advance. 

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