#HallelujahChallenge – It’s More Than The Numbers

It’s day 14 of the Hallelujah Challenge and it’s the season of “Suddenlys” and “Immediatelys”. Over 50 thousands people have participated and the numbers keep increasing and will continuously increase because our path shines brighter and brighter. It can only get better.

I know a lot of us look forward to the numbers every night but try to look beyond the numbers, the floating likes, and celebrities you see within those hours.  Get yourself engaged, don’t just watch, don’t be a spectator, let there be an outburst of testimonies.

Like Gaise tweeted, “stay focused on your praise.” The devil is still in the business of perverting good things.

If possible, only join the live video once in awhile to check for updates. Watching does not equal participation. If you have not been participating, try to. Don’t forget why we are doing this. It’s to praise and worship God, the Olowogbogboro.

When praises goes up, blessings come down. We are destined to be blessed. 

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