Four Reasons Why You Need To Mind Your Habits


Our habits are what will eventually make or mar us. Whatever we do consistently has the power to direct or chart the course of our lives forever. And if you didn’t know, good habits are difficult to form, while bad ones are difficult to break.

We must continually take cognizance of how we live, the habits we form because they dictate who and what we eventually become. Here are just four reasons why we should mind our habits.


Habits Develop Character

When we say a person lacks character, it didn’t start at that moment. It began as a process a long time ago which has now evolved into an habit. Character is not built in moments, it is the habit that we form overtime that becomes the character we exhibit later in life. When we form good habit, we end up with good character and vice versa. No one was born with a habit or character, we happen to inherit them from our daily lives.


Habits Eliminates Time-Wasting

Habits follow patterns, and something about pattern is that so much time is saved to do other useful things. When we have not made a good habit out of something, there is a high tendency to waste time or stall a little bit before doing the actual thing. Habits automate many of the routine activities in our lives and free up our minds so that we are capable of concentrating on higher level activities, and in the process time is saved. The opposite is the case, when the habit is bad one. It continues to eat up our time, and suddenly 24 hours becomes “not enough”.


Habits Simplifies Our Lives

Doing something consistently, over and over again, saves one from lots of mental stress and work. When we develop good habits, we form routines that we can do without consciously thinking much about it. Habits make everyday life possible. For instance, if you have made a habit out of writing, it becomes easy to produce awesome articles without having to think about how to write at the same time. This applies to every area of our lives too


Habits Helps Us Achieve Our Goals

If you had a goal of becoming a professional footballer at the end of the year. You don’t only wake up every morning to remind yourself of the goal, but you also need to make conscious effort of training everyday. That is, you need to form a habit to achieve your goal of being a professional footballer simply by training everyday. You can’t train today, and then take a break for the next one week. Same goes for losing weight too (I think most people will relate with this example). So in the long run, your goals are going to achieved because of the habit you have formed. We can achieve anything we desire to achieve by taking the right steps.

We can deliberately choose what becomes habit and what doesn’t by choosing which thoughts and actions to dwell on. Of course, God wants us to form good habits that’s why he told us to think on good and godly things. “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.”. And as a man thinketh, so he/she. Remember, anything that is repeated over time becomes a habit.

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