Will we all lead?


Recently, I was faced with the challenge of answering a question on leadership which naturally happens to be a topic I flow in very well.

Some people believe that some people are created to lead while others are meant to follow. So, those who feel they aren’t meant to lead automatically relegate themselves to the background. Although, there might be a pinch of truth in that statement, but it is not entirely true. Our attitude, character and temperament are developed by a whole lot of factors like our environment, the kind of parenthood we experienced, religion, exposure and a whole lot more. These are the elements that end up defining whether we would grow up as loud people or quiet people, whether we would be introverted or extroverted but this essentially has nothing to do with leadership traits. These are developed personally by investing in growth so it’s very easy to find someone who is extremely extroverted and assumed to be a good leader but very bad at managing people and someone who is extremely introverted have a great people personality.

For introverts, it’s very effortless to find themselves drowned in a river of rejection and quietness, low self-esteem and personal worth when he/she has innate abilities to stand out. I would also not negate the fact that for extroverts, it’s almost natural to rise to the lead and stand out wherever they are because of inbuilt abilities and characteristics.

Herein lies the balance, we all can lead.

Leadership means so many things to many people but it is essential to know that leadership is not a title and is not defined by how loud we can shout. The major key to unravelling our leadership characteristic is to ultimately find our place! As familiar as this sounds, many never get to understand this. Every one of us ultimately has a place in the big picture where we have been designed to function. Some are designed for leadership at the fore front while others are cut out for leadership as the second man in the organisation and some others are designed to be middle men [the link between the top and the bottom in the organisational ladder]. Some are designed for politics and some are cut out for entrepreneurship and others in church leadership! The truth is the more we grow in our space, we maximize our leadership abilities and essentially make the world a better place. One of my most favourite examples of all time is jack welch, the great and timeless business leader who never started a business but climbed the corporate ladder in General Electric. Did he lead? Of course he did. He still models a pattern to many young entrepreneurs but staying in his place was indispensable to his growth.

Discover where you are designed to be! Stay there, become the best you can be there, grow from there, increase in value, and ultimately LEAD! Don’t let anyone put you under any pressure to be someone you’re not!

Whether, you’re the one who can raise his voice and all your subordinates tremble or you’re the one who prefers to be a part of their life, would add please to every statement; you only need to discover your strengths, build them mightily and also work on your weaknesses

Introvert, Extrovert and anything in between, you can LEAD!

Barrack Obama or Joe Biden, YOU CAN LEAD!

Have a great walk in your leadership journey

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