Christians and Money Naira Nigeria


If there was probably one word that many Nigerians have used the most between January and now, that word would most likely be broke or maybe recession. Truth be told, not everyone has been a victim of this whole recession palava. Some others have legitimately been thriving in this season and to be honest, it’s a function of something they know that has elevated them.

So, to some of us that are broke or insists that we are rich because Jesus was poor for our sakes, we’d go through some few tips that could help us in this season.

  1. Increase in your value: There’s no better time than now to increase in the value you give as a person because indeed real money is value and not the cash that flows around. I would advise you listen to an audio series by Pastor Sam Adeyemi called Real Money to fully understand this concept but the major idea is that whatever you currently do now, there’s no better time to improve and become a guru at it that now. Hence, you can indeed charge more for your services and ultimately earn more. If it would mean going for a tutorial, class, spending hours on YouTube, nights on consistent practice, it would be worth it at the end, so take on the duty of hard work.


  1. Spend less: this is one principle that many might hiss at immediately they hear it but it is one major key to retaining more money in this season. So, instead of buying snacks at the office, why not insist of waking up early and cooking at home! Instead of taking a bike from your place to the junction, why not finish up on time and decide to trek all the way? You can even add a spice of worship on the way to make your journey worthwhile. It’s not a crime not to buy that “aso ebi” from that neighbour because it might save you so much money. You also don’t have to be at that next fundraising event because you will end up spending beyond budget just to save face.


  1. Please manage: You might need to manage some of the things you have like data, airtime, and some of these subtle things that make their way into our pockets unknowingly. It might be hard but ultimately, you’d be the better for it. The little resources you have at your fingertips now can be optimized to last more if well managed. For some, this might mean deciding to board a BRT to work instead of riding in order to manage how much fuel you consume in Lagos traffic and get to work at a cheaper price.


  1. Explore some multiple streams of income: This might not essentially work for everyone but for some this right here is Gold! So, you work on just 3 days of the week? What can you do during the other days that can ensure that extra income flows into your hands? That oven in your house could be converted into a source of income if you can make cakes. Instead of having two dusty cars in the compound that you can obviously not fuel, have you considered leasing it out to Uber and you gain commission on every ride? This might involve a whole lot of thinking but having two sources of income generation would definitely be a lovely thing yeah?


I have only outlined just a few principles here. You can take on some exploratory study, see what works for you and act on it.

Did you learn a thing or two?

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